Change is good. It can be really good, especially if you’re prepared for it. And do you know what we’ve been doing for the last few years? You guessed it. Preparing.

What, and ruin the surprise? For now, let’s just call it a reintroduction. We used to go by Digital Base Productions, now we just go by Digital Base. Why limit ourselves, right?

Tides change, man. People change. We’ve been watching, putting pieces in place, preparing for long enough. Time to shake things up. We think you’ll like it.


Your Partner in IVR / PBX Is Getting Even Better!

First impressions are everything. When people call your company, the persona that greets them is the most important aspect of your telephony application. We're experts at providing the persona that will match your needs. We have vocal coaches in-house, or you can coach online with us as we produce your material.

We can voice any foreign language you need in whatever dialect you want, and can translate it for you as well. At over 70 native-voiced languages and counting, and with capabilities to turn out projects in ANY audio format, we are ready to help you with any challenge.

We respond immediately to any problems, questions or technical concerns you may have. Whatever your needs, we can help. Explore our services on the left, then send us a script and we'll get you an estimate the same day.

Call us to request a demo! 806 745 8428

Good things come to those who wait...

so here are some appetizers.

Caprock Cafe

One of a series of spots produced for Caprock Cafe, highlighting some of the restaurant's... finer features.

Betenbough Homes

Everybody's got a story, and this one starts with a growing family finding a new place to call home. This is a heartwarming spot that shows off the client's dedication to family- and our dedication to great production value.

Carpet Tech

How do you film a commercial about fire damage without actually damaing anything with fire? Very carefully. This is a funny spot that uses some creative post production, and no small amount of very real, very controlled fire to get one point across: when the wife's away, don't play with fire. And if you do, call Carpet Tech.

A Road Less Travelled

We produced the track for this video in Studio A, then shot it here in Lubbock. Featuring our RED camera, amazing set and lighting design, and some tasty post-production, this video gives you a feel for what we're capable of when we turn loose and work outside the box a little.

Red Raider Club

A long form featuring some of your favorite fearless champions as they discuss the importance of supporting the Red Raider Club and the scholarships they provide to student athletes. Some beautiful people in this one, and some beautiful footage.

Forster Construction

A complex shoot with lots of gags, visual effects and intricate sound design, this one is a favorite among staff and our clients. We handled everything- concepting, location scouting, shooting, editing and sound design in-house.

Multimedia Web Development

We're creating award winning sites that are immersive, media-rich, responsive, and take advantage of the newest web technologies available. We know it can be a hassle to maintain a website, so we take care of everything for you- from the hosting and registration of your domain names to the graphics, videos and photos you need on the site. We're not just Web Guys. We're Total Digital Experience guys.

Print & Graphic Design

So you have a great commercial campaign and a great website. Don't forget print! Providing everything from logos, brochures and business cards to stickers, billboards and vehicle wraps, we leverage the power of our creative team with the consistency of a one-stop-shop. Your costs are lower, your advertising is more efficient, and we all get rich and win awards. It's a good plan.